Have an Incredible “Incredibles 2” Themed Party- Free Incredible Cut Files!

CD-Incredibles 2-BDay-Party

Are your kids excited about the new Disney Pixar movie, Incredibles 2?

Throw an Incredibles 2 themed party for your kids and their friends this summer, they will love it!

Here are some great party ideas and games that you can use to make your party unforgettable! All of these ideas and any that you come up with are possible, with our top of the line vinyl and Silhouette Cameo 3 vinyl cutter!

Incredibles 2 cut files

  1. Pin the Mask on Dash and Violet
  2. Party Favors
  3. Easy Food Labeling
  4. Incredibles 2 Cups (Incredibles logo on cups)
  5. Creating Fine Detail on Your Vinyl

Pin the Mask on Dash and Violet

A fun game to play that Crafter Depot can make possible at your party is “Pin the Mask on Dash and Violet. This is a great idea for both the boys and girls at the party. Create a Vinyl “Dash Head” and “Violet Head” then have the kids start sticking the masks on! With our 631 Wall Vinyl, your creative mind is the limit! We have the capability to help bring to life just about anything on your wall. Here is the link to the colors for the Vinyl (Dark Red, Black, Light Yellow, Golden Yellow).

Party Favors

Have a fun t-shirt giveaway, with the Incredibles Logo on the t-shirts, or even the different heroes/villains in Incredibles 2 on them! With the Heat Transfer Vinyl method, you are able to create your own t-shirt and have one for each person at the party. This will make for some fun competition for your guests, but make sure you make enough to give to those who don’t win, cause in the end, everyone is a winner (Black, Orange, Yellow)!

Easy Food Labeling

Labeling your food for your guests is both respectful and easy! With Chalkboard Vinyl you are able to write on the surface the vinyl just like you would a chalkboard! Just each piece of vinyl on a different card or sign, in front of the corresponding food. After you are done, erase it and reuse it again for the next party.

Incredibles 2 Cups

Have white paper cups that you want to turn into Incredibles 2 cups? This would be a great detail for your party and is easy to do with the help of our application tape. Application tapes primarily use is to transfer designs from one surface to another. Stick the design to the tape, then stick the tape to whatever surface you would like your vinyl on, and remove the tape carefully. Your vinyl will stick and the tape will come off. Just like that, you have another great idea for your themed party!

Creating Fine Detail in Your Vinyl 

After getting your vinyl designed and cut, it can be hard to get all the excess vinyl from your design with just your fingernails. With The Weeding Tool, you are able to easily pull up the hard to peel spots on your vinyl. It has a sharp end and gives you the ability to weed out the hard to reach spots and will give the fine detail your looking for in your vinyl. This is a great finishing tool, to help give you the finished look of your Incredibles 2 themed party!

We hope you enjoy the ideas that were given for an Incredible Incredibles 2 party! At Crafter Depot, we want to help bring to life any other great ideas you have to make any party you throw one to remember!

Click Here to Download our Free Incredibles 2 Silhouette Cut Files.