4th of July Sale on Chalkboard Vinyl, Tie Dye and Shibori Kits

Tie dye Shibori & Chalkboard vinyl 4th of July Sale

Happy Independence Day! Take Advantage of this 4th of July Sale.

Sale Ends June 24th, so don’t wait!

This 4th of July, we’ve got great deals for you on tie dye kits, shibori kits and chalkboard vinyl, to help you really get into the spirit of the holiday.

Tie Dye Kits

Which pattern do you prefer: bullseye, spiral, or stripes? With our all-in-one tie dye kits, it’s easy to customize your own shirts. All you need are white shirts and we provide the rest:

  • Red, blue and yellow dyes in spray bottles
  • Rubber bands
  • Instruction manual
  • And brushes to help create an ombre effect

Shibori Kits

Are you more into blue? The Japanese shibori option might be more your style and is a great look for the 4th of July. Just like the tie dye kits, we provide everything but the shirts:

  • 3 great shades of indigo dyes in spray bottles
  • A “Silver Highliner Pen” to create an extra sparkle
  • Instruction manual
  • And brushes to help create a great ombre effect

Chalkboard Vinyl

Chalkboard vinyl is an awesome product that we’re offering a great deal on right now! Turn any surface into an artistic masterpiece or useful sign, then erase it and use it again. With our 12×12 vinyl sheets, you can cut them down and use them to identify the different buffet items at your party or give your kids somewhere to color their own fireworks and flags.

Make your patriotic party more memorable and stylish with these great products. In honor of America’s B-Day, we’re marking the Shibori and Tie Dye kits down to $17.76 each and chalkboard vinyl is 17.76% OFF, now just $2.47 each.