DIY Personalized HTV Beach Towel

Make Your Own HTV Beach Towel This Summer! 

Are you always getting your beach towels mixed up with someone else’s when you go to the pool or the beach? Do you get home just to realize you brought your friend’s towel home? Or, do your kids fight over who gets which beach towel? Worry no more… it’s our Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) sheets to the rescue, yet again!

Personalize your beach towels this summer using your Silhouette machine and our Siser HTV sheets. Choose from a wide variety of colors to make it the perfect style for each person! And for those with an extra sparkly personality, try our Glitter HTV sheets. As Billy from School of Rock would say, “It’s glitter-rock, and it’s glam, and it’s fabulous!”

While you may be trying to get sand or seaweed off of your towel at the end of your day in paradise, our HTV is something you’re gonna want to keep around!

Our regular 12” x 15” HTV sheets are normally $3.50 a piece. Get them now for only $3.00 each! Our 12” x 20” glitter vinyl normally runs $4.99. Today it’s only $4.00 per sheet!

With your own HTV beach towel, now all you’ll have to worry about is how often to reapply sunscreen. 

HTV $3.00!
Glitter HTV $4.00!