What is 651 Vinyl?

As you begin to explore the world of vinyl crafts, you may begin to feel confused or overwhelmed by the different types of vinyl. While there are several kinds of vinyl out there, in the crafting world, there are three types of vinyl that are most commonly used: heat transfer vinyl, 631 vinyl, and 651 vinyl. This article will be focusing on 651 vinyl.

651 vinyl is an outdoor or permanent vinyl. It has a stronger adhesive than 631 vinyl and can withstand the elements. Projects in which you would want to use 651 vinyl include:

  • Car decals
  • Signs
  • Mugs, tumblers, or other dishes (it will be best to hand wash these items once the vinyl has been attached as they are not guaranteed to be dishwasher safe)
  • Outdoor projects
  • Ornaments, keychains, and jewelry
  • Any other objects from which you don’t intend to remove the vinyl without significant effort

And just a word of caution before you embark on your new vinyl adventures: Because of the permanent nature of 651 vinyl, you DO NOT want to use it on your walls…unless one of your hobbies is redoing the drywall in your home.

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