Customized Back-to-School Gear

Customized Back-to-School SWAG!

If you have a Cricut or a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter, you’re probably familiar with Oracal 631, Oracal 651 and Siser Heat Transfer Vinyls, Which are 10% OFF Now thru July 31st using coupon code back2school!  We’ve got some great Back-to-School ideas that you can use at home or in the classroom to help your kids get ready for the school year.

Back to School 631 Vinyl Ideas

631 vinyl is easily removable vinyl that is perfect for wall decorations, labels and anything that you’ll want to remove without damaging the surface it’s on. Some examples that you and your kids will love are:

  1. Create parts of speech or grammar rules (“Schoolhouse Rock” style) as wall art
  2. Alphabet and number charts as wall art
  3. Height chart
  4. Inspirational quotes for the chalkboard or whiteboard
  5. Name labels for desks / tables / chairs



Back to School 651 Vinyl Ideas

651 is considered a permanent vinyl. It has a stronger adhesive than 631 vinyl and can be used outside while withstanding the 

elements. You can use this strong vinyl for personalizing:

  1. Folders / binders
  2. Pencil boxes
  3. Laptops / tablets
  4. Boxes / bins / cubbies
  5. Water bottles / hydro flasks




Back to School Heat Transfer Vinyl Ideas

Heat transfer vinyl is the best way to customize clothing and fabrics (aside from neon puff paint). It is important to remember to mirror your designs before cutting them out because this vinyl has to be c

ut adhesive-side up. Send your kid back to school in style with personalized:

  1. Grade-specific T-shirts
  2. Team gear
  3. Backpacks / Sports bags
  4. Shoes / lanyards / hats (that they’ll have to take off in class)
  5. “School Spirit” jackets





Get your 631, 651 and Heat Transfer Vinyl now and get your kids or classroom ready for the 2018-19 school year. Shop now using coupon code back2school to get 10% OFF these 3 types of vinyl now thru July 31st!